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Consultancy Services

ESKA® IDBARA Consultancy Services Management provides comprehensive consultations on all things legal.

It creates a convenient system for writing and reviewing contracts, registering companies and any other related services.

Great advice for great results

Here are some of our key features

The right consultation for the right needs

We provide all your essential consultation in order to create the best contract and legal advice that will suit you. Presenting customized consultation, whether you are looking to register a business, handle a lawsuit or more.


Providing the right services

Our expert consultants will help to determine the best services, action and pricing that will suite your case, all of which will be discussed before implementing it within the contract. Thanks to the help of our consultation team, we ensure you will receive the best service around.


Keep things on track

This system will also allow you to track all the tasks given to both the clients and the lawyers. This may be done by setting a deadline or documenting the duration of completion. Thus, all are on track and well-maintained.


Detailed time duration

As mentioned, time objectives and full details of hours needed to complete the task are also imbedded in the system. This makes prioritizing and optimizing processes into an easy task. Keep your tasks fully organized with ESKA IDBARA.


Consultation for customized needs

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