Full knowledge of courts and judges

Courts and Judges

ESKA® IDBARA Courts and Judges is an effective system to record all your courts, location, working hours and judges.

This system provides full details on different courts, as well as the judges involved.

Knowing the who and where

Here are some of our key features

Finding the right court and judges

Keeping track of all courts and judges, as well as their details, you can easily be aware of the location and time of your courts and who are the judges that serve them. In doing so, helping you to create more efficient planning and preparations.


Benefiting the lawyers involved

Lawyers assigned to a case can digitally view their calendars along with the court location inserted. Now you can minimize the hassles of having to search for all your details when you have a handy reminder with all details involved in one platform.


Add and edit the information you need

You can edit and plan any new information and schedules you need based on your specific case. Thanks to this flexible system, directly enter any new information you need about the judges or plan any new activates based on the court’s schedules.


User-friendly database

All information about judges and courts are presented through an easy-to-read and dynamic layout, making planning all schedules and tasks into a very simple one. No longer panic about not being prepared thanks to this thorough and informative feature.


Planning based on your courts and judges

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