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ESKA® IDBARA is a legal case management system that helps with all your legal consultations and activities be it for a law firm or for your very own legal department.
By automating your legal processes, you can easily achieve a more convenient and cost-effective way of managing activities.

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Tracking clients with ease

Creating a digital database for all your clients. With a comprehensive portfolio ready to display, you can easily stay on top of your clients, their cases, contracts, finances and more.


Understanding your lawyers

Document the lawyers in your company or firm with a detailed list of all the essential information. From your lawyer’s specialty to past experiences, have full knowledge of all your lawyers.


Litigation services for the better

Handle all your litigation services through one convenient platform. With detailed classification of each case, you can now directly track your cases accurately.


Consultation for your comfort

Have your legal activities checked out by the experts. Creating automated consultancy services for any contract work, assigned tasks, total hours of work and more.


Ensuring all tasks are on schedule

Creating an organized and structured plan of all activities, deadlines and court hearings. You can have all your activities notified in a clear and organized structure.


Court and judges made clear

Record all information about your courts and judges with this complete system. By having a complete document of your courts, such as operational hours, location and the judges involved.

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At ESKADENIA, we bring you services to help maintain your understanding and the smooth process a digitalized system can bring.
Uncover the convenience our services can bring to you.

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Why the Cloud?

As businesses are transforming, so are the demands for more technological innovations. Industries like the legal sector are now in need of digitalization with the amount of paper work and files produced, which is why the Cloud provides a great solution to manage all your legal activities.
Uncover how the Cloud can help improve your legal processes.

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