Lawyers’ profiles documented with ease

Lawyers Management

ESKA® IDBARA Lawyers Management defines lawyers that work and have previously worked in the firm.

With clear details about your lawyers’ information and background, you can assign any cases much more quickly and accurately.

Your lawyers fully organized

What are our key features?

Lawyers’ personal and contact information

By documenting all details about your lawyers, you can waste no time contacting them or understanding their specialties for cases. From their academic degrees and qualifications to past experiences, we provide ideal comprehensive data.


Categorization for ease

All lawyers will also be categorized based on their background and specialty, which means you can instantly view the lawyers you need for certain cases. Having this data fully accessible through the cloud will make assigning cases a direct and simple process.


The ideal user-friendly layout

In addition to providing you with complete data of your lawyers, all information will be presented through an easy-to-read and easy-to-use layout. No longer worry about the headaches of dealing with messy data thanks to ESKA IDBARA.


The past and the present

Thanks to a complete historical data, you can access and keep a full record of all your past and present lawyers. Maintaining a good database of lawyers if key to your legal activities, by keeping it in a digitized platform, access it anytime anywhere.


Lawyers always on track

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