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ESKA® IDBARA Litigation Services Management is made to define and document cases with great flexibility.

From defining case tasks and flow to setting tasks and reminders, this system makes conducting all legal activities into a simple and easy one.

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Defining all cases with ease

This system will provide you with all essential and basic information needed about your cases, along with the flow of the case itself. From the tasks that needs to be conducted to the case classification, all information is accurately in place.


Customizable tasks assignments

Through this product, you can directly assign the tasks your lawyers need to accomplish based on the cases assigned to them. This will help to keep track of all to-dos without the worries of forgetting a task.


Suggestions for optimal times and locations

ESKA IDBARA makes suggestions for the optimum times and locations based on existing information of a person’s timetable and schedule. This makes establishing any new meetings and scheduling more convenient.


Reminders for you

Reminders will make it even harder for you to forget with our fully customizable reminder system. For those important tasks you sure do not want to forget, you can pick and activate the reminder notification based on the urgency of your tasks.


Document storage in one system

Keep all the documents you need within your electronic case file, making sure all paper work you need is digitally stored with the right cases or tasks that are needed. Convenience is taking a whole new meaning for legal management.


Priority levels for your cases

By assigning priority levels, you can prioritize which cases are the most important to the least important. Thanks to this level system, you may also customize the security of each case, if some cases include more sensitive information.


Case management fully customizable

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