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Schedules and Reminders

ESKA® IDBARA Schedules and Reminders is a convenient system made to keep track of all your activities, deadlines and court hearings.

This system creates an efficient process to maintain the workflow of all your lawyers and all activities that needs to be accomplished.

All done in a timely manner

Here are some of our key features

Calendar creation for the better

Helping to meet deadlines and maximizing efficiency by creating a calendar schedule system. This will make all tasks and assignments into an organized and structured process. By having an agenda available for you, you can constantly keep an eye on tasks.

Notification and reminders for your convenience

Thanks to the notification and reminders system, you no longer need to worry about forgetting about your tasks. This helpful system is made to help all your lawyers to stay on top of their obligations with the use of icon notifications to not only remind, but classify your tasks.

Classifying your tasks

Colour-coated classification is also a handy tool to help you keep track of all tasks. Why not classify your tasks based on what is most important and or whatever division you prefer. Now conducting tasks can be even more organized with some helpful tools.


Supervising all activities

ESKA IDBARA provides a view system to help manage a hierarchal structure amongst your tasks. Any supervisor can now track all their teams’ tasks with the help of the view feature. Keeping a watchful eye without becoming too involved.


Keeping tasks on track

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