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ESKADENIA Software is a CMMI® level 3 certified company that provides top-quality software in the fields of telecommunications, insurance, enterprise, education, healthcare and internet; specializing in the digitalization of business processes. ESKADENIA Software is headquartered in Amman, Jordan with offices and customers in Asia, Europe and Africa. Today, ESKADENIA Software consists of over 200 professionals with diverse industry backgrounds, with most of the team, around 85%, actively working in research and development.

With offices located in Jordan, UAE and Sweden, ESKADENIA is slowly expanding its influence. This makes ESKADENIA a top contender within the software development industry.


ESKADENIA strives for a simpler process in business use; implementing this through a number of principles that will result in an effective workflow.

  • Delivering data at the customers’ fingertips to better utilize resources and maximize results.
  • Ultimate customer satisfaction in delivering software solutions of the highest quality.
  • A rigorous software engineering methodology with stringent quality assurance for accurate specifications and implementations.
  • Covering a range of software products and professional services, such as consultation, implementation, customization and technical support.

Vision and Mission

ESKADENIA Software shall develop into a leading International Software Business Partner that executes projects in a boundaryless information society.

ESKADENIA’s mission is to be a global provider of world-class software products, services and solutions that exceeds customer’s expectations. In doing so, ESKADENIA shall generate profit and growth for all its stakeholders.

Our Values

ESKADENIA’s dedications towards catering to a diverse market and the commitment for excellent customer care are thanks to the values they continuously implement.


Adopting strong moral principles that will ensure an honest and strong work process, accomplishing quality results and customers’ trust.


Outdoing any tasks by providing not only a required solution but also exceeding the customer’s expectations.


Aiming to provide excellent customer care and bring on-time and efficient delivery.


Striving for creative solutions that will increase efficiency and business flow.


Consumed with the love of technology and future developments, ESKADENIA has some of the most passionate teams around.


Always aspiring to be the best, the company provides only the best and trustworthy solutions for the ultimate client satisfaction.

Awards and Recognition

We are proud to have received a number of awards and recognitions for our dedication and work.

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