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Client Profile Management

ESKA® IDBARA Client Profile Management creates a quick and effective way of defining all your customers. By keeping detailed information about your clients, you can easily manage and keep things under control

Keeping client information on track

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Recording basic information

This system saves all general information of your clients, including their contact details. This may include their names, their cases and more. We keep all the essential data through an online space that is easily accessible.


Classify client information

By providing different classifications of your data, such as from individuals to companies, you can specify your searches into a simple and easy process. Why not keep your process easily accessible while being easy to search for.


Contract management with accuracy

Thanks to a flexible and dynamic system, you may also search and view contracts made with your clients, all stored electronically within the system. Now you can update your contracts digitally through the Cloud.


Access to financial statements

In addition, this handy system also provides access to your clients’ financial statements, making all payments easily traceable. Thanks to a detailed record of your clients’ payment details, you can stay aware and on top of your services.


Client data taken care of

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