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ESKA IDBARA is a legal case management system that functions to ease the process of your legal tasks.
From defining clients to maintaining your cases, we have all the features to help you conduct a smooth legal process.


ESKA IDBARA caters to your legal tasks by providing the following features…

Personalized notification

ESKA IDBARA is made to cater to your specific needs by your specific rules. Stay on schedule with your very own customizable notification system. From the important tasks you need to keep track of to your daily meetings and court attendance, we have the system for you.

Automated litigation services

By providing a fully digitized system, you can store and manage all your cases directly and speedily. Creating a great space for you to record, insert, attach documents and more, allowing comprehensive access to all your cases.

Full client relationship

Create great lawyer-client relationship by keeping track of your clients and their cases. Always stay on top of your clients’ needs by providing a digital platform that can provide everything in one go.

Save cost for your business

Having an automated system to cater to your legal services means less time, less resources and less cost. Create a direct and efficient process that is both cost-effective and quick with ESKA IDBARA.

The complete process

This thorough and detailed system is here to bring you all the tasks you could possibly need to run a successful law firm or legal department. From client management to financial payments, this system handles everything you need.

Multi-user capabilities

Feel the convenience of this handy system thanks to its multi-user capabilities. ESKA IDBARA supports all employees and lawyers involved in your business. From supervisors to other team members, you can pick and choose the access you require.

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