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Take a look at the systems ESKA IDBARA in the Cloud can offer.

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Digitizing your legal management

Legal processes through the Cloud can help you achieve the following…


Paperless operation

With the amount of files and paperwork lawyers have to face when dealing with a case, it is important to keep things coordinated. By going to the Cloud you can reduce waste while providing direct access without the manual work.


Automated litigation services

All litigation tasks will be digitalized, automatically recording information through one convenient platform. Why not sustain all your cases in one electronic database, making your job that much easier.


Multi-user capabilities

Create multiple access for your lawyers and any staff involved. Thanks to the Cloud, you can simply have those involved access an online platform based on assigned sharing needs. Experience convenience for your information distribution.


Save your company’s cost

Instead of dealing with all the manual hassles and waste of energy, try a system that will help you accelerate your process while saving cost. Now you can save resources and cost for your firm without an issue.


Online personalization

ESKA IDBARA on the Cloud can work according to your rules and standards. Whoever you want to access it or any other customizations according to the company, you can easily manage the Cloud accordingly through one comprehensive system.


Constantly updated

With one synchronized system, all files and data will be automatically updated accordingly, where your lawyers can access and view all documents they need directly. Make your work process into a more comfortable one.

Legal case management made better
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