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We provide in-depth knowledge on all our Cloud and ESKA IDBARA products, making it easy for you to enjoy all the available features.

Why ESKA IDBARA training?

Helping to expand your knowledge.

Fully satisfied clients

Get your education session on how to organize your clients’ information. Ensuring all client details are recorded and stored, you can easily maintain client satisfaction.

Understanding your lawyers

By creating an organized structure to maintain your lawyers’ information and data, you can ensure all is taken care of. Thus, the importance of understanding how to do just that.

Cases comefortably managed

Customizing your cases based on your specific needs, you can have them coordinated accordingly to make tracking cases much easier. Understanding just that is the key to creating an efficient legal case management system.

Consultancy made easy

Understanding how your consultation processes can be optimized is no joke. Creating the most efficient way for customer satisfaction is the key to your success.

Ensuring reminders are on track

Notifications and reminders are an important way of keeping on schedule, especially if you’re a law firm, however, knowing how to utilize your calendar to the fullest is a different thing. Make sure you’re up-to-date with all the essentials

Financial ease

Understanding how ESKA IDBARA can help ease your financial burden is essential for a more productive workflow. Stay up-to-date with your systems and optimize maximum results.

What are our subscription packages?

ESKA IDBARA Overall Training

Ensuring your knowledge on our ESKA IDBARA systems are up-to-date, we will provide the right training to optimize the workflow of the whole ESKA IDBARA system. From organizing settings to adjusting rules, check out how you can utilize these systems to its max.

Covering: The entire ESKA IDBARA products.


Check out how ESKA IDBARA can help ease the life of your lawyers and staff. By providing comprehensive systems to make all work activities much easier, make sure all staffs are up-to-date with the right knowledge and skills.

Covering: All ESKA IDBARA products or specific requested products.

ESKA IDBARA Cloud Maintenance

Understand how the Cloud system works and how to maintain a conducive structure. With the Cloud, create greater accessibility and convenience for your school, easily accessible from one server.

Covering: Cloud process and systems.

Understand your ESKA IDBARA systems

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